Thursday, 20 February 2014

Asos Wishlist: Pastel Power


Hello Everybody,
whilst roaming Asos today, I stumbled across their Pastel Power collection and I thought 'Why not post a Wishlist?'
I really, really love pastel tones and I definitely don't have enough of them in my wardrobe.
I also think that this collection is perfect for spring xx

I am obsessed with cardigans and I can't have enough of them!
It is available in two colours, black and pink and I would definitely buy it in both of them.
The open front and waterfall hem design is very pretty and the material looks so cosy as well.

How gorgeous is this dress ?
I seriously love everything about it; the colour, the asymmetric neckline and the statement frill.
Again, this dress is available in two colours, black and cream but I think it's way prettier in cream.
This dress is very chic and I'm sure you could wear it to a large variety of events !

For me, skater skirts are an absolute Must-Have and this one is just too cute !
Lavender is such a beautiful colour but I don't have ANYTHING lavender coloured in my wardrobe yet so this skirt is much needed !

These socks from River Island are the most adorable socks I have ever seen !
The colour is perfect and who doesn't want frill cuffs ?
I definitely do.

I can imagine that this belt paired with a cute dress looks super amazing !
The matte pink and the shiny gold fit perfectly together and I love that the metal keeper is a bit chunkier than the belt.

I saw a bag that looked a tiny bit like this in Zoella's Back To School Video and I instantly fell in love with it. Sadly, that bag was sold out but when I saw this today I thought it looks very pretty as well.
It is way smaller than the one Zoe mentioned in her video and, obviously, the colour is different as well.
I love the pastel blue though and I also like the shape and design of the bag.
I think it's perfect for daytime; for shopping, for a walk or just a girly day in the city or a café.
I adore this bag and I really want it !

I think that this watch is very girly and cute !
I love pink and especially this pink. 
The stripes and the gold details make this watch look even cuter.
I just love this watch :)

Do you guys like pastel ? Are you excited for spring ?

Lots of Love,


  1. I love that bag. Excellent taste :) xx

  2. Absolutely in love with this collection <3 Thank you for making me notice it!

  3. Hi darling,

    Lovely collection indeed! I know you have already nominated once but here we go again, I think your blog is lovely and would like to know even more about you !
    Check out my blog for the questions I have for you:


  4. Hi I nominated you for Liebster Award. This is not spam =) please check here.

  5. That bag and the watch are the cutest xx