Monday, 10 March 2014

Butlers Wishlist

´Whilst strolling through Butlers I saw lots of pretty things so I decided to take a look at their website just to find out that they have even cuter stuff there. I really like shopping for decor and other home stuff  and therefor I wanted to post a wishlist :)

How adorable is this wooden sign ? 
I really like the saying and the Vintage look of it.
It would look so good in my room as well and it's also available in other types :)

This is the perfect item for a really nice pamper session !
Since I love to read whilst taking a bath this bath caddy would be really helpful.
Who doesn't need one of these ?

You probably could tell from my blog that I love to take photos.
I think it's quite sad to only have them on my computer and I would like to print some and put them in a photo frame from time to time.
I think this frame is really cute and since it says 'Sweet Memories' you could put some really meaningful photos into it and place them somewhere nice in your room.

I always wanted to have a heart-shaped bowl because they are so cute !
I'm quite into adorable dishes and I really need this one !

Getting cosy on the sofa and watching YouTube videos at the same time is my favourite thing to do after I've had a long day of school ! 
This blanket is made out of teddy fleece which is very soft. 
I'm also a big fan of Union Jack since I want to move to the UK as soon as possible.
Perfect blanket for me then :) 

I can only imagine how amazing this tealight holder is going to look with a candle in it !
The colours are amazing and It would look so gorgeous in my room.
The mosaic drops are so pretty as well.
I am so excited about it and I really want to get it soon :)

Pink is my absolute favourite colour and it's perfect for spring time.
I am always on the look for new duvet covers and this one isn't that expensive either :)
Totally my cup of tea x

Lots of Love,