Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Soap and Glory - Clean on me

Hello everybody,
after looking at the Soap and Glory rack for ages I finally got my hands on 'Clean On Me' !
My best friend is a total Soap and Glory fanatic and ever since she visited me and told me how much she loved it I wanted to try this brand but I'm quite the thrifty one when it comes to paying £8 for a shower gel.
In the UK it's definitely cheaper than in Germany but it still isn't the cheapest.

I am really glad I bought it though because it's totally worth the price.
I think this is the best shower gel I've ever used in my entire life and I can't get enough of it.
I simply love everything about it, from the adorable packaging to the effect it has on your skin.
Soap and Glory is definitely becoming one of my favourite brands - at least skin care wise.

The product contains natural mandarin peel extract and it's scented with Soap and Glory's Original Pink fragrance.
Let me tell you, it smells like HEAVEN !
It leaves your skin smelling lovely for quite a long time and it also fills your bathroom with its sweet scent.
I think it's great to have a shower gel that smells very good because you'll feel extra clean after using it.

Another plus point of this shower gel is that it has a built-in body lotion which is perfect if you're as lazy as I am. After using it my skin always feels really smooth and soft and it stays moisturized for a really long time.

Clean On Me is totally worth every penny and I absolutely recommend buying it !
Who doesn't want to smell lovely, have smooth skin and have this gorgeous tube of perfection in their bathroom ? I sure do !

Have you ever tried Soap and Glory ?
Which products do you like best ?

Lots of Love,

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