Sunday, 27 April 2014

What's in my School Makeup Bag ?

Hello everybody,
today I wanted to show you guys which products I take to school to refresh my makeup.
I love 'What's in my bag?' posts and videos so I thought I would do one too.

This is the makeup bag I carry around with me all the time.
It's from Primark so it wasn't expensive at all. Although there are prettier makeup bags I think this looks quite cute and I don't want to take an expensive one to school so I really like this.
The size is perfect too because you can fit enough in but it's not too big either.

It has two compartments which is lovely because I love to organize my makeup so I always know where everything is :) I use one compartment for my makeup products and the other one for hygiene products.

Deodorant // I always carry a deodorant with me because I like to use it several times a day. I just want to smell nice and fresh; especially after PE. Sample sized deodorants are very good because they fit in my makeup bag perfectly.
Hairspray// I don't use this too often but you never know when you'll have a hair emergency so it's better to have some hairspray with you at all times.
Hand Cream // My Hands are always dry so I use a lot of hand cream. The Dove winter care hand cream is so lovely but I probably should switch it to a more springy one.
Hand Sanitizer // This is one of the most important things in my makeup bag. I use this so often, especially when I get off the bus and before I eat. I don't like the thought of having other people's germs on my hands.

Hairgrip and Elastic // I like to take these with me just in case my hair starts to get on my nerves and I want to tie it back. These are also handy for PE since my hair always gets in the way whilst doing sports.
Lipstick*/Lip balm // Usually, I always take a lip balm and lipstick with me but I forgot to take a photo of the lip balm. Refreshing my lipstick is something I do quite often so I take the lipstick that I used in the morning and put it in my makeup bag.
Powder* // Powder is quite important as well just to refresh my makeup and to look kind of presentable after 8 hours of school.
Concealer // I tend to get quite a lot of spots and I need to cover them up during the day so I always have a concealer with me as well.
Eyebrow Pencil // Since my eyebrows are nearly non-existent I like to have an eyebrow pencil in my makeup bag just in case I need to refresh them.

What do you guys have in your daily makeup bags ?

Lots of Love,

*There will be a review of these products soon :)

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Visiting Katharina | Part 2

Hello everybody,
these are the rest of the pictures from when I visited Katharina.
The weather was so beautiful so we went to the Rhine and got a Milkshake in the city :)

Riding our bikes to the Rhine // Mommy sheep and baby sheep  // These sheep were so cute! //
This sheep looks like a little donkey *-* // Kathi's eye // Fell in love with this dog //
Random photo // Fisherman // I just love being by the water // Rhine //
A very delicious chocolate milkshake

Hope you enjoyed these little posts about my trip to Duisburg x

Lots of Love,

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Walk With Me #3

Today I have another walk with me for you :)
This was a really long walk since I got lost in the forest but it also was really nice.
The weather was gorgeous and it was so nice and warm outside!

Do you like to take a walk in the forest ? :)
Have a lovely week and Happy Earth Day to all of you. xx

Lots of Love,

Monday, 21 April 2014

Lush Haul

As you may have seen in my other post; I went to Lush last week.
They had so many gorgeous things and now I'm going to show you what I bought :)
I probably will write a review on some of the products, so stay tuned.

Blooming Beautiful // I bought this present for a friend of mine because it looked so pretty and smelled so good (even through the box). It includes a Bubble Bar; Pop in the Bath and a Bath Bomb; Think Pink.
I really like buying presents at Lush since they are wrapped so neat and I think they are so cute :)

Bubblegum // I actually mentioned this product (and many other products I bought) in my Lush Wishlist and I'm so excited to try it! I always wanted to try a Lip Scrub from Lush and this one smelled and looked amazing!

Whoosh // This is another product I mentioned in my Wishlist and it is seriously so good!
I already used it and I love it! If you love a lemony smell, try this product; I love the smell so much.

Golden Egg // Again, this was on my wishlist and I could not resist buying it. It is very glittery (I love glitter) and it smells so good! I'm so excited to try it but I'm not looking forward to clean my bath afterwards.

Space Girl // I saw this Bath Bomb and I instantly fell in love with it. It smells amazing and I think it looks so cool as well :)

Think Pink // I got this Bath Bomb for my mum because she really wanted to try something from Lush and I think that this looks cute and it smells gorgeous! My mum loves vanilla and since this Bath Bomb smells like vanilla I thought it would be perfect for her :)

Last but not least, I got two samples which was really lovely of the shop assistant!

Daddy-O // This Shampoo is supposed to be good for blonde hair. It is also supposed to add volume and shine to your hair whilst it also cleanses and softens it. The smell of this is probably not my favourite but it's ok.

Marilyn // This is a hair moisturizer that, again, was created for blonde hair. It is supposed to 'erase' orange tones from your hair and make it shine. The smell of this is horrible but the shop assistant said that this product is amazing.

Have you ever been to Lush and tried any of their products ?
What is your favourite product ?
Let me know in the comments :)

Lots of Love,

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Visiting Katharina | Part 1

Hello everybody,
on Tuesday I went to visit one of my bestest friends; Katharina.
She doesn't live near me so I had to take a 3 hour train ride which was quite stressful!
I seriously don't recommend going by train with a lot of luggage.
Anyway, I stayed at hers 'til Friday and I wanted to share some pictures with you guys :)

Kathi's bunny Flora // Bella // A bunny in Essen where we went shopping // Lush //
Lush again; I just love their bath bombs // Kathi and I // Lush purchases // Subway Sandwich //
Subway Cookie // Watching TV in bed after a long day of shopping

What did you do this week ?

Lots of Love,