Sunday, 6 April 2014

Wet n Wild - Walking on Eggshells

I wanted to have this Wet n Wild palette since I saw this video by Tanya Burr and I finally got it! :)
I actually wanted to get a palette with 8 eyeshadows but the colours weren't that appealing to me because they only had pink and green shades and I wanted to go for a more natural one.

The palette contains three different colours and two brushes which is perfect for travelling since you don't have to take extra brushes with you. However, I never really use these brushes because I prefer using my 'proper' brushes.

The eyelid shade is such a pretty pink-tone with a little bit of shimmer in it.
If you want a really natural look you can apply this only and it will look absolutely stunning!
I am really into nude colours at the moment and I think this just looks so lovely.
It also adds a nice brightness to your eye which makes you look more awake.

I wasn't too sure about the shade for the crease considering it is quite shimmery but it actually looks great!
It isn't too dark which is, again, really nice for a natural look but it still adds a nice depth to your crease.

I am totally in love with this colour for the browbone!
It is not too shimmery or too light so it highlights your browbone perfectly and also adds a lovely brightness to your look. It also can be used in the inner corner of the eye to highlight it even more.

The eyeshadows are quite creamy which makes them really easy to apply and blend and the pigmentation is very great as well! I think that the combination of the three shades is perfect and looks so lovely on the eye.
This look is perfect for school/work or an everyday look in general because it is so natural.

The only downside to this product is the packaging.
It is really simple and not that pretty at all but then again it is perfect for travelling because it's so small and handy :)

I definitely recommend this product!
It is cheap and still very good :)

Have you ever tried an eyeshadow by Wet n Wild ?
Would you like to try this pallet ?
Let me know in the comments down below :)

Lots of Love,


  1. Lucky! I also want this pallet (again with the inspiration for Tanya Burr haha) I really love the eyelid and brow bone tones

    1. You should definitely get it someday! It is so amazing xx

  2. Im really loving the colours on this palette! They look lovely together as well.
    I'm thinking of getting this, thank you!

  3. Im really loving the colours on this palette! They look lovely together as well.
    I'm thinking of getting this, thank you!

    (sorry signed in with wrong thing on previous comment)

    1. No problem :) The palette is really amazing, you won't regret buying it xxx

  4. Lovely shades and the pigmentation looks brilliant for the money
    Love your pictures hun

    New follower on Blogluvin
    Carrieanne x