Sunday, 27 April 2014

What's in my School Makeup Bag ?

Hello everybody,
today I wanted to show you guys which products I take to school to refresh my makeup.
I love 'What's in my bag?' posts and videos so I thought I would do one too.

This is the makeup bag I carry around with me all the time.
It's from Primark so it wasn't expensive at all. Although there are prettier makeup bags I think this looks quite cute and I don't want to take an expensive one to school so I really like this.
The size is perfect too because you can fit enough in but it's not too big either.

It has two compartments which is lovely because I love to organize my makeup so I always know where everything is :) I use one compartment for my makeup products and the other one for hygiene products.

Deodorant // I always carry a deodorant with me because I like to use it several times a day. I just want to smell nice and fresh; especially after PE. Sample sized deodorants are very good because they fit in my makeup bag perfectly.
Hairspray// I don't use this too often but you never know when you'll have a hair emergency so it's better to have some hairspray with you at all times.
Hand Cream // My Hands are always dry so I use a lot of hand cream. The Dove winter care hand cream is so lovely but I probably should switch it to a more springy one.
Hand Sanitizer // This is one of the most important things in my makeup bag. I use this so often, especially when I get off the bus and before I eat. I don't like the thought of having other people's germs on my hands.

Hairgrip and Elastic // I like to take these with me just in case my hair starts to get on my nerves and I want to tie it back. These are also handy for PE since my hair always gets in the way whilst doing sports.
Lipstick*/Lip balm // Usually, I always take a lip balm and lipstick with me but I forgot to take a photo of the lip balm. Refreshing my lipstick is something I do quite often so I take the lipstick that I used in the morning and put it in my makeup bag.
Powder* // Powder is quite important as well just to refresh my makeup and to look kind of presentable after 8 hours of school.
Concealer // I tend to get quite a lot of spots and I need to cover them up during the day so I always have a concealer with me as well.
Eyebrow Pencil // Since my eyebrows are nearly non-existent I like to have an eyebrow pencil in my makeup bag just in case I need to refresh them.

What do you guys have in your daily makeup bags ?

Lots of Love,

*There will be a review of these products soon :)

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  1. that's a cute makeup bag you've got! i tried carrying around makeup with me but it just added to the weight of my purse. i usually only carry my lip color now, a mirror and some blotting papers. if its an important day, i'll bring along my powder but thats about it.
    A Beautiful Zen