Monday, 9 June 2014

Music Festival | The Packing List #1

Festival season has started and I'm going to attend my second festival ever on the 19th of June.
I have been to Hurricane Festival in 2012 and it was absolutely insane so I decided to attend Hurricane Festival once again this year. The line-up is incredible and I'm so excited for the whole camping thing as well as I'm going with one of my closest friends.

I think packing for a festival is quite challenging because you can't take too much with you, yet you should take enough for every emergency and weather. I'm going to share 3 packing lists (camping gear, body hygiene and clothes) with you guys so you can check if you have everything :) I'm going to start with the general camping gear that you'll need for an amazing festival weekend.

1. Tickets
This, obviously, is one of the most important things to pack. I recommend to put it somewhere where you can find it quickly and nobody can steal it.

2. Tent
Make sure you have a good tent that doesn't let any water in. You don't want to sleep in a puddle when it's raining. You should also bring a lock with you to lock your tent at night or when you're away so the risk of somebody stealing your stuff is lower.

3. Sleeping Bag
A sleeping bag will keep you warm at night and is a lot handier than a blanket. If you don't want to bring a sleeping pad it will keep you from sleeping on the floor as well. You might want to take a pillow with you as well so your nights will be more comfortable. 

4. Mobile Phone
You definitely should take an old mobile phone with you that won't run out of battery (like an old Nokia) to call your friends if you can't find them. Make sure you always have it with you to be able to call someone at all times. Obviously, you can take your smartphone with you as well (for social media) but you definitely should have an old phone for calling someone.

5. Flashlight
If it's dark and you have to go to the toilet or you want to find your tent, a flashlight is essential.

6. Cash
Always take some money with you for food etc.. It is better to have cash and to leave your credit card at home since you can't pay a lot of things with your credit card anyway and it might get stolen as well. Make sure to not have your money in only one pocket but split it into several pockets and never leave it in your tent.

7. Food/Drinks
This year, Hurricane Festival has a grocery store at the campsite so we won't take too much food with us. But it's important to drink and eat enough because you're going to be outside (hopefully in the sun) all day.

8. Duct Tape
Duct Tape fixes everything. Seriously.
You should have scissors to cut it as well.

9. Flag/Something to mark your tent
If you don't have an orienting response (like me) you might want to mark your tent with a flag, a bunting or with something written on it. This is also quite handy if someone has the exact same tent as you.

10. ID
You should always have your ID with you since you might get controlled at some point. If you're over 16 you have to have your ID with you at all times (at least in Germany) anyway so you should take it everywhere you go and not leave it in the tent either.

11. Camera
I am going to take an old digital camera with me to take photos for myself and for my blog.
Photos are such a good memory and you can capture your favourite moments of the festival :)

Are you going to attend a festival this year?
What camping gear are you going to take with you?

Lots of Love,

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