Monday, 21 July 2014

Bedroom Tour

Last weekend, I rearranged parts of my bedroom so I thought it's time for a 'proper' room tour!
I used to have a very small room downstairs but about two years ago I moved upstairs and I now have a bedroom, a living room and my own bathroom which is really nice :)
Today, I'm going to show you my bedroom where I spent most of my time because it's super cosy!
I'm also trying to tell you where I got everything but I got a few items as a present so I don't know where they're from.
If you want me to do a living room tour as well, leave a comment down below :)

Bed from Otto // Floral Bedding from Ikea // Wardrobe from Ikea // Bedside Table and Chanel Perfume // Jewellery Bowl // Books and a Wooden Elephant  // Watching a Lily Allen Performance, Signed Shirt from Jennifer Rostock, Photo: Jennifer Weist and I, Record Player, Table from Ikea // Dresser from Ikea // True Fruits Bottle with Flowers, Dressing Table from Ebay // Flowers from our Garden // My little photo wall, My Records in a Jeffrey Campbell Box, Curtains from Ikea // DIY Photo Wall // Photos and Memories // Candle, Plate from Ikea // Fake Flower and Bottle from Ikea // DIY Bunting

What is your favourite store for your home ?
Lots of Love,


  1. Such cute pictures! Your room is beautiful!

  2. You should definitely do a living room tour. Your bedroom is the ideal classy girl room. So beautiful! Simple and sweet. I love the bowl of rings and how you have that candle on top what looks like small rocks. I'm just in love with it. So much detail in how everything is arranged. <3

    1. You're too sweet ! :) Thank you so much ♥

  3. Your room is honestly gorgeous! Almost has a type of shabby-chic feel to it but it has simple colours with accessories that make it stand out, it's beautiful! I start university in september so this is actually giving me some ideas for when I move out and have my own place :D Katie xxx

    1. That is such a big compliment! Thank you so much :)xx

  4. Your room is so perfect and cute! We had the complete opposite, I moved from the big room to the small room and you did it the other way around. I adore white furniture and completely love all your taste :) great post xxx

  5. I love your bed. It really looks comfortable to lay on. The lights atop of it is a great alternative to a bedside lamp. It should render helpful for late night book readings. That's really cool. Your room looks elegant, Jenni. Thanks for sharing that with us! All the best to you! :)

    Dante Storey @ The Healthy Bed Store