Friday, 11 July 2014

Hurricane Festival 2014

About three weeks ago I was at Hurricane Festival and I'm finally going to share it with you guys :)
It actually was one of the greatest weekends I ever had and although I really don't like being around a lot of people it was alright in the end.

Day 1: Friday
The first day started really relaxed since the first band we wanted to see played in the evening so we had enough time to set up our tent, have a drink, do our makeup and get dressed. This year we participated in Greener Living and I definitely would do it again! The camping ground was super clean and quiet at night time which isn't all that cool for everyone but it sure was for me (I know, I'm quite lame).
The first band we saw was 'Feine Sahne Fischfilet' which I didn't know before but my friend wanted to see them. It wasn't really my type of music but I enjoyed it anyway.

We then saw 'The Naked And Famous' and it was insane! I only knew a few songs and I didn't know what to expect but me and my friend were totally amazed after their concert. I think it was one of the best bands we saw! We then went to see 'Bombay Bicycle Club' and they were so good as well! I really like their music and the whole atmosphere was just amazing!

Sadly 'Thees Uhlmann & Band' and 'Egotronic' played at the same time so we only got to see half of each but I really enjoyed both of them as well. Since I really love Thees Uhlmann I wish I could have seen his whole concert but I hopefully will see him again soon :)

Our personal favourite of Day 1 has to be 'Casper'.
It was such a breathtaking concert and everything was just perfect; the crowd, the stage set, the fireworks and of course Casper himself! I can't even describe how amazing it was, you just have to see yourself:

I didn't take too many pictures at all and sadly the quality isn't the best either ):

Ribbons//Veggie Noodles//Sunset and Dust

Day 2: Saturday
After a very cold night we got up at 7am and went to the Lidl store to get some food and orange juice but were so tired that we went back to bed immediately after that. The first band we wanted to see was, again, in the afternoon so we had plenty of time. After we did a little bit of sunbathing we went to see 'Fünf Sterne Deluxe' and the 'Augustines'.

After that we saw 'Bastille' which I was so excited for and they were just as amazing as I thought they are going to be :) During their cover of  'Rhythm of the Night' the whole crowd sat down and jumped up as he screamed 'let me see you jump, Hurricane' and it was so incredible!

Directly after Bastille we saw 'The Wombats', one of my all time favourite bands! Although we only saw the first half because we wanted to see 'Selah Sue' as well, we had such a great time and they were so amazing live! Luckily, they played my favourite songs at the beginning :)

As I said before, we then saw Selah Sue which I first saw at Hurricane in 2012! She was so amazing and it definitely was one of my favourite concerts! There weren't a lot of people so we were very close to the stage. We had a really great time and even my friend, who didn't really know her before, enjoyed the concert and both of us danced so much :)

After that we saw 'Kraftklub' which wasn't such a great experience for me. I really like the band and their music but we basically were in a very crowded spot where we weren't even able to move. As I said before I really don't like being in such a crowded place but it was fine until they started to play and the whole crowd moved and danced. During the first song I lost my shoe which was quite funny but then I started to feel really anxious but tried to stay calm. Well, it didn't work that well so I had a massive panic attack and had to crowd surf to get out and let me tell you, as soon as I was walking out between the two barriers it was like the walk of shame :D I then sat down in the very back and watched the concert from there. I also met Lisa, who I've known from Twitter, and we had a really nice chat :)

Later that evening we went to see 'Lily Allen'! We only saw her on the screen since we were in the very back but it was so good :)

Eyeliner//Wer lächelt ist schöner//Fireworks//Lily Allen

Day 3: Sunday
Sunday started a tiny bit earlier with 'Blood Red Shoes' followed by 'Dispatch'.
I didn't know them before but they were quite good!

After that we saw 'Jennifer Rostock'!
I was so excited for them the whole weekend and they were so incredible! Jennifer Rostock is one of my favourite bands and we even were front row and it was so exciting and I can't even describe how happy I was :) We even got to meet them afterwards and they were so nice and lovely :)

In the evening we went to see 'Bilderbuch' which my friend was really excited for and although I didn't enjoy it as much it still was fun! Afterwards we found confetti in the weirdest places but who doesn't love confetti?

We then saw 'Ed Sheeran', 'Fettes Brot' and 'Seed' but only parts of their concerts.

Jennifer Rostock//Jennifer&Jennifer//Sunset//Smiley//View from the Ferris Wheel 

Wow, that was a long post and I didn't even mention everything!
It was such an incredible time!

Have you ever been to a festival?
Which is your favourite festival?

Lots of Love,


  1. This is SO cool! The only bad part is that I've only listened to Casper, Lily Allen, and Ed Sheeran. I've never heard of the rest :( but I love hearing about these different summer festivals. Funny thing is I actually have like two favorite summer festivals and I've only seen their concerts on YouTube, but they are Rock Am Ring in Germany and Aftershock in California. Both usually have pretty good lineups! So happy you posted this! :)

    1. Aw, thank you :) I'm glad that you liked it xx Which bands/music do you like? :)

    2. I love a lot of music, but mostly rock and metal right now. On a good day I can go from Disney songs, to Backstreet Boys to Bring Me The Horizon in about 10 minutes lol