Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Etsy Wishlist | Rings

As I said before, I don't own any jewellery items that I really like so I went to etsy and found some really pretty pieces :) Last week, I already posted a wishlist that included watches and bracelets.
If you haven't seen it yet click here.

Today, I am going to show you some really cute rings that I found!

Golden Vine Ring

I fell in love with this golden vine ring immediately!
I think it looks so cute and sophisticated and I love all the little details on the leaves.
It is made by hand out of 16k gold over brass and it is adjustable between the sizes 4 and 9.
I also think that this ring would be a perfect present since it is adjustable and really pretty as well.

Bunny Ring

This ring is literally the cutest thing I have ever seen!
Who doesn't want a bunny who's hanging on your finger? I definitely do!
The ring is made by hand out of brass and swarovski crystals.
It also is nickel free and, again, adjustable from size 4 to 9.
The shop offers a variety of animal rings and other really cute jewellery.

Arrow Ring

How cute are these?
I really like the design and all the little details of these rings!
Once again, they are handmade and adjustable from size 5 to 9.
They are available in silver, gold and rose gold and the shop also offers matching earrings which is amazing!

Anchor Ring

As I said in my other etsy wishlist, I'm a huge fan of nautical stuff so this ring is perfect for me!
I think it's just so cute and I love how the ring looks like a cord.
It is made by hand out of sterling silver and every single ring is a little different than the other one and I think that that's amazing since you'll be the only one who has that ring!
There are so many other pretty rings in the shop as well so it's definitely worth a visit :)

Mood Ring

This one has to be my favourite!
Mint is one of my favourite colours and I really like the style of it as well!
It looks so antique but also very chic and magical and that's what is so fascinating about this ring!
It is also made my hand out of brass, a glass dome and paint.
The only downside to this is, that it's not waterproof so you have to take it off when you're taking a bath etc. but it's so pretty that I'd be ok with that :)

Do you like wearing rings?
What is your favourite one?

Lots of Love,


  1. I love your taste! Each ring is better than the next! I love them all, and the bunny one just makes me smile :)

    1. Thank you :) Me too, it is just so adorable :)x

  2. love love love this blog post! huge lover of rings so gonna check these out for sure. <3

    Smiling Soph xox