Saturday, 9 August 2014

Toni & Guy | Shampoo and Conditioner for Damaged Hair

I spotted those two sample sized Toni & Guy products quite a while ago and immediately had to take them home to try them. The shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair are from the Toni & Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe 'Cleanse & Nourish' collection. They are quite expensive (I think they were nearly 4€ each) so I couldn't afford the normal sized products (that were about 10€ each) which is quite a bummer since I really enjoyed using them.

Both, the shampoo and conditioner, smell amazing!
I am quite crap at describing smells but they smell like a really nice hair salon! Kind of sweet but also really sophisticated and classy.
Your hair will smell like you've just been to a salon and it will stick around for quite a while which is great.

Since I used to bleach my hair it is quite damaged and I really think that those products have helped a lot.
They make your hair feel really soft and amazing and it always looks way healthier and shinier after using those products.
Even the shampoo on it's own is incredible and you can see such a difference but I would recommend using the conditioner as well because your hair will be a lot softer :)

I also noticed that my hair was easier to comb through and got less tangled during the day and I think that that is amazing!

The packaging looks really nice and elegant as well although I found it quite hard to get the product out because you can't really squeeze the bottle and it doesn't come with a pump but that is the only downside to the Toni & Guy products.

I would recommend the shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair because the smell is amazing and it seriously works wonders!
However, as you may know I recently turned vegan and I couldn't find out if those products are vegan or if they were tested on animals or not, so if you know something about it let me know in the comments down below :)

Have you ever tried a Toni & Guy product?
What do you think about Toni & Guy?

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